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TTN Nonwoven Solution Co., Ltd.
We are a leading company which product nonwoven fabric that has well stable organization, with high potential that ready to open opportunities for those who want career paths. Come and join us to grow the organization together for sustainable growth.

Head of Store-Delivery Department

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Head of Store-Delivery Department (1 position)

  • Educational level: Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Experience : 6+ years in store or warehouse
  • Language proficiency : Good English in listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Skills: – Good communication skills
                – Attention to details
                – Diligent, patient, enthusiastic, Honest to duty, good interpersonally
                – Have leadership quality, good personality
                – Able to solve specific problems well



• Control and supervise the sorting of goods in and out of the warehouse.
• Take care of stock checks and prepare reports.
• Inspect, inspect store, record information in the warehouse.
• Count and check products that are prepared to be delivered to customers.
• Manage raw material disbursement and control raw material stock to match the system.
• Supervise and control the delivery of products to customers according to the plan.
• Take care of the condition of the cars to be ready for use at all times.
• Supervise and control subordinates.
• Other as assigned. 



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Salesperson (2 positions)

  • Education level: Bachelor’s degree or higher Sales, Marketing or related fields
  • Experience: 5+ years in sales
  • Language proficiency: Good level of English in listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • Skills: – Good negotiation and coordination skills
    – Good communication skills
    – Attention to detail
    – Enthusiastic and honest in duty
    – Patience, diligence, able to work under pressure
    – Able to solve specific problems well
    – Computer program Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point
  • Special Skills: – If you can speak Japanese will be specially considered
  • Responsible for selling products to meet the goals set.
  • Look for new markets and new opportunities to sell products.
  • Receive orders from customers Liaise with customers and departments related to the sales process.
  • Represent the company to build good relationship with customers.
  • Enhance the good image of the company.

Safety officer

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Safety Officer (Professional Officer) (At Ban Bueng Plant, Chonburi) (1 position)โรงงานบ้านบึง ชลบุรี) (จำนวน 1 อัตรา)


  • Male, aged 25 years and over
  • More than 1 year of experience in the field of vocational school.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Public Health (Occupational Health and Safety)
  • Have knowledge and expertise in planning work plans.
  • Can use computer programs Word/ Excel/ Power Point fluently.
  • Have diligence in the assigned duties. Able to solve specific problems well
  • Have good human relations with colleagues and supervisors
  • Good command of English.



  • Review and recommend employers to comply with laws on occupational safety, health and working environment.
  • Analyze work to identify hazards including determining preventive measures or safe working procedures offered to employers
  • Assess the safety risks at work.
  • Analyze project plans including the recommendations of various agencies and suggesting safety measures at work to employers
  • Assessing the operation of the workplace to ensure that it is in accordance with plans, projects, or safety measures at work.
  • Recommend, train and train employees to ensure that their work is free from causes that may cause not safe to work
  • Measure and assess the working environment or operate with a person or an agency registered with the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare as a certification or check documentary evidence Report on the inspection of the working environment within the business establishment
  • Recommend to employers to have work safety management that is suitable for the workplace and develop to be effective continuously
  • Check the cause and analyze danger, sickness or nuisance incidents caused by work and report the results, including recommending to employers to prevent such incidents without delay
  • Gather statistics, analyze data, prepare reports and make recommendations about the dangers, illnesses, or nuisances caused by employees’ work.
  • Perform other work safety tasks as assigned by the employer.