TTN Nonwoven Solution Co., Ltd. (formerly Songray Nonwoven Co., Ltd.) is one of the Charoensin Group companies which has much experiences in the tanning industry for more than 60 years, it is widely accepted by customers both at domestic and overseas, then because of the desire to expand the production capacity to meet the needs of customers even more, therefore, the establishment of TTN Nonwoven Solution Co.,Ltd. was established in year 1989, starting from the production of needle-punched nonwoven that to be used as various components in the shoe manufacturing industry which has been well received by customers, then the company has expanded the market by developing a variety of patterns and techniques for producing needle-punched nonwoven that can be used in more various industries.

TTN Nonwoven Solution Co., Ltd.

TTN Nonwoven Solution Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of needle-punched nonwoven that pay attention to every detail and needs of customers by striving to improve the organization in all aspects to develop and produce good quality products. It offers a wide range of features under an affordable price. It is also socially and environmentally responsible at the same time. The most important is able to meet the needs of using needle-punched nonwoven from customers from various industries. Our company’s slogan is "Your Solution to Nonwoven"

We create substitute products from recycled material.

We have invented and developed products that can replace conventional woven fabrics with needle-punched nonwoven or “Nonwoven fabrics” which are made from recycled materials such as 100% polyester drinking water bottles or 100% PET bottles, which is helping to reduce waste for society and reduce the greenhouse effect on the planet.

We create innovative use of substitute products.

We keep developing new production methods all the time in order to be able to develop nonwoven fabric products to meet the needs of all industries and to be able to convert nonwoven fabric products into products that can be available in daily life.

We are the research and development leader on nonwoven development.

We have researched new innovations and new production techniques all the time, as well as designing new products that can be used to develop nonwoven fabrics that will available in a wider variety of applications.

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With the technology, knowledge and experience that TTN has accumulated for a long time, it is become the knowledge that we know how to start the recycling PET bottle process from the recycling of plastic flakes go through the processing how to create fibers for nonwovens which become the main raw materials that are ready to be produced into various forms of nonwoven to be used as a component in a variety of industrial products.