Synthetic Leather Industry

Needle-punched nonwoven able to be used together with synthetic leather material for strengthen the material itself. It can be used in furniture, shoes, bags and other applications because of its many features better than genuine leather such as has lower cost, natural touch and the flexibility of synthetic fabrics also can be used as a main component in various products.

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Synthetic material that replace of genuine leather which also known as “artificial leather” has a wide range of application because artificial leather it can be subdivided into many other types of application by bringing the artificial leather to be combined with needle-punched nonwoven fabric to strengthen it and it can be used in a variety of products such as shoes, bags, diary covers, belts, eyeglass cases, car steering wheels, sports equipment, car seats and many others.
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With the technology, knowledge and experience that TTN has accumulated for a long time, it is become the knowledge that we know how to start the recycling PET bottle process from the recycling of plastic flakes go through the processing how to create fibers for nonwovens which become the main raw materials that are ready to be produced into various forms of nonwoven to be used as a component in a variety of industrial products.