Shoes that you are wearing, it consists of multi-layers of various materials, one of them is the nonwoven lining at the inside of the shoe to help you wear it comfortable, support the shape of the foot according to the ergonomics, therefore footwear manufacturer need to wisely choose materials that are lightweight, flexible and durable also reduce any shock, thus, nonwoven material is the right choice as a component of the shoe because it has all the qualifications as mentioned above.

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Products of TTN Nonwoven Solution Co., Ltd. are used as components in the production of many types of shoes, whether it is leather shoes, sports shoes or even casual shoes. The company has been trusted by many well-known shoe manufacturers such as Nike, Reebok, ECCO, Timberland, Kito, Gambol, Keen, etc., which have used needle-punched nonwoven in various ways.

Shoe soles

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Shoe lining material

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Reinforcing material

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With the technology, knowledge and experience that TTN has accumulated for a long time, it is become the knowledge that we know how to start the recycling PET bottle process from the recycling of plastic flakes go through the processing how to create fibers for nonwovens which become the main raw materials that are ready to be produced into various forms of nonwoven to be used as a component in a variety of industrial products.

100,000,000+ Bottles per year that we’ve used to produce.