TTN Nonwoven Solution Co., Ltd. (formerly Songray Nonwoven Co., Ltd.) is one of the Charoensin Group companies which has much experiences in the tanning industry for more than 60 years, it is widely accepted by customers both at domestic and overseas, then because of the desire to expand the production capacity to meet the needs of customers even more, therefore, the establishment of TTN Nonwoven Solution Co.,Ltd. was established in year 1989, starting from the production of needle-punched nonwoven that to be used as various components in the shoe manufacturing industry which has been well received by customers, then the company has expanded the market by developing a variety of patterns and techniques for producing needle-punched nonwoven that can be used in more various industries.

Our Vision

We are the market leader in the production of good quality synthetic fabrics that applicable, reliable in every industry and lifestyle.

Our Mission

Trust & Respect

TTN focuses become a potential organization that our business partners, suppliers, customers and employees able to give each other their trust and respect.



Every action, every decision is based on the best for TTN.


Need for Achievement

Develop and produce nonwoven fabrics with good quality, applicable, reliable and able to meet the needs of customers.


Simplify & Sustainability Growth

Thinking, working and operating the business on simplify and clear process for sustainable growth.



Needle Punched Nonwoven
Working Width : Up to 4.00 Meter
Products : From 100 to 1,500 gsm
Products color : White, Grey, and Black

Thermo Bonded Nonwoven
Working Width : Up to 3.10 Meter
Products : From 180 to 2,000 gsm
Products color : White, Grey, Black and Multi color

Stitching Bonded
Working Width : Up to 3.0 Meter
Stitching : From 1.6 to 2.0 mm
Products : From 110 to 230 gsm
Products color : White, Grey, and Black
Working Width : Up to 2.35 Meter
Process : Heat Setting, Dipping, Spray and Foaming

Recycled Polyester Fiber
Capacity : 6,000 Tons/year.
Products : Denier from 1.3 Denier to 25 Denier
           : Cut length from 32 to 102 mm
           : Color Black White and Grey
           : Type Solid, Hollow, Silicone

Fabric Tearing & Fiber Recycling
Capacity : 5,000 Tons/year.
Products : Type TC, Denim Waste Polyester